Trouble Downloading?

If you’re having trouble downloading The RAIN Report using any of the “download” links on this site, follow the following instructions:
1.Right click on a “download” link. (Jaws users press the * key on your number pad)
2.In the dropdown menu that appears, click “Save Target As”. (Jaws users arrow down and press enter)
3.Choose the location on your hard drive where The RAIN Report should be saved.
4.Press the “save” button.

To have the file automatically delivered to you when it’s updated, why not try the podcast?! The Juice podcast receiver works on a number of platforms and is completely accessible to screen reader users.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Juice, follow these instructions:
1.Click one of the podcast links on the left side of the page.
2.Copy the address from the address bar of your browser into your podcast receiver.

Some podcast receivers will subscribe to the podcast just by clicking on the podcast link. Others will not so you’ll need to copy the address bar yourself. (Jaws users can press F4 to get to the address bar, and Control+C to copy.)

The RAIN Report operates on an annual budget of $1,250, which includes more than $500.00 of expenses resulting from transportation, lodging and food related to the Dayton Hamvention. Well over 50% of RAIN programming is excerpted from Hamvention forums that Hap records in all four rooms with the approval of the Dayton Amateur Radio Assoc. The remaining $700.00 results from charges incurred by Internet and web-hosting services, computer maintenance and updates. No one connected with the Radio Amateur Information Network or the RAIN Report receives compensation from or for his/her efforts, and that includes Hap Holly/KC9RP, who spends on the average of 5 hours a week in the production of the RAIN Report and the distribution of it. Now in the spirit of full disclosure: Only DARA, (the Dayton Amateur Radio Assoc.) And NSRC (the North Shore Radio Club of IL.) make annual donations to RAIN. Having said that, RAIN is not a tax deductible or tax exempt organization. All donors will be acknowledged both here and on the RAIN Report if requested. Hope you can help.

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