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This is RAIN Hamcast Podcast #76, posted October 1st, 2022; Introduced by Will Rogers, K5WLR. [The running time for this RAIN Hamcast Podcast is 19M32S with a station ID break at 9M42S. There are 5-second breaks to reset Echo Link and All-Star timers about every three minutes. Did you put up an outdoor HF antenna soon after you received your first ham callsign? A surprising number of hams still haven't. Don Keith, N4KC, author of more than 25 books, has discovered this in recent years. As a result, he prepared a virtual talk he calls N4KC's Top Five Getting-On-The-Air Quick Antennas. Don shared his discovery in a virtual talk he prepared for the August, 2221 QSO Today virtual Ham Expo. Here is our first of two excerpt from that talk. RAIN Founder Hap Holly, KC9RP edits and produces this biweekly ham radio hamcast without monetization. Your support via PayPal and feedback on therainreport.com are both appreciated. Copyright 1985-2022 RAIN, all rights reserved. RAIN programming is made available under a Creative Commons license - you are encouraged to download, share, post and transmit the RAIN Hamcast in its entirety via Amateur Radio. Thanks to Tom Shimizu, N9JDI for posting a not-for- broadcast version of these podcasts via the RAIN Report Channel on YouTube. I'm Will Rogers, K5WLR bidding you very 73 from RAIN, the Radio Amateur Information Network. KEEP ON HAMMING! RAIN Hamcast 77 will post Oct. 17, 2022.

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For 30 years Hap Holly/KC9RP produced his 10 to 15- minute weekly amateur radio program service, featuring Dayton Hamvention Forum excerpts, timely interviews, thought-provoking ham radio commentaries, and other items of general interest to the ham radio community at large. Ham radio is traditionally an aural – as opposed to a visual – medium; we meet and recognize fellow hams primarily by voice, occasionally seeing them in person. RAIN programming is also an aural medium, listened to by thousands of Internet users and hundreds of repeaters across the country at https://www.therainreport.com. Vern Jackson/WA0RCR has carried Hap’s RAIN Report on his 160-Meter Gateway Radio Newsletter since 1990 weekends on 1860 kHZ from Wentzville, MO. Those aforementioned repeater groups and others still replay RAIN Reports from the www.therainreport.com Archive page over their local repeater systems on their regular “net night” gatherings, permitting thousands of hams to hear Hap’s productions. And folks new to ham radio discover audio gems in these archives. It’s all done with volunteer help and – in the best of amateur traditions – without profit to anyone involved. But while RAIN Report archives date back to 2006, there are some 15 years of archives that have never been posted for cost reasons.

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The Classic RAIN Ham Cast operates on an annual budget of $500.00, most of which goes to the maintenance of therainreport.com website, internet services, and Windows pc maintenance and upgrade costs. No one connected with the Radio Amateur Information Network or the Classic RAIN Ham Cast receives compensation from or for his/her efforts, and that includes Hap Holly/KC9RP, who was Founder/Producer of the RAIN Report from 1990-2019. Hap recorded the Dayton Hamvention forums annually with help from long-time friend and the man behind the 160 Meter Gateway Radio Newsletter, Vern Jackson/WA0RCR. The RAIN Report archive consists of many excerpts from those Hamvention forum recordings. And the Classic RAIN Ham Cast features previously unreleased ham programming by Hap, who spends some 5 hours producing the biweekly Classic RAIN Ham Cast. Now in the spirit of full disclosure: For a few of the last years of the RAIN Report DARA (the Dayton Amateur Radio Assoc.) And NSRC (the North Shore Radio Club (Highland Park, IL) helped subsidize RAIN. Having said all that, the Radio Amateur Information Network is not a tax deductible or tax exempt organization. All donors will be acknowledged both here and on the Classic RAIN Ham Cast if requested. Hope you can help.

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