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Who's Caryn Murray?

This is the RAIN Hamcast Podcast #108, posted 02-12-24. Voiced by Will Rogers/K5WLR, back after a couple months of RNR while Kent Peterson/KC0DGY loaned his voice to this biweekly podcast. Good job, Kent, and mega thanks from both Hap and me for your help.

[The running time for this RAIN Hamcast Podcast is 19M33S there is a station ID at 09M58S then timer resets approximately every 3 minutes.]

It's been almost 9 years since the passing of Bill Pasternak/WA6ITF, the co-founder of Amateur Radio Newsline. You oldtimers may remember Amateur Radio Newsline went under the name of Westlink Radio when Bill co-founded it in 1977. Upon Bill's passing in 2015, his successor had already been named. She's Caryn Murray/KD2GUT, who is in her 9th year now keeping Newsline on an even keel. Back in Caryn's early days with Newsline, RAIN's Hap Holly/KC9RP, spoke with this spirited lady about the challenges she faced when she started.

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The RAIN Hamcast Podcast #109 will post 02-24-2024.

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