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NOTE NOT FOR AIR: We’re conducting an experiment that may affect you whether you’re narrow-casting this audio service on simplex or on a network that requires frequent pauses to reset shorter timers. Which of the following would you find most useful: (1) the ‘customary’ 10-second ID break at the halfway point; or (2) both the 10-second ID break at the halfway point AND a shorter pause every three minutes for network timer reset. We’ll check the stats after two weeks. You'll hear both in this RAIN Extra; Running time is 26M55S. This is RAIN Extra #100 Bob Bruninga/WB4APR - A Ham with Direction ''' SK For those who use APRS, Automatic Packet Reporting System, Feb. 7, 2022 will remain a sad day for APRS officionados as that’s the day Bob Bruninga/WB4APR became a silent key. In memory and respect to this ham radio visionary, the Radio Amateur Information Network presents an encore replay of two excerpts from Bob’s 2018 Dayton Hamvention talk about what he called “A Whole New World of Energy”. RAIN's Founder, Hap Holly/KC9RP, editted this talk for the July 21, 2018 RAIN Report. The RAIN Hamcast [Extra] is copyright 1985-2022 RAIN, all rights reserved. Hap Holly/KC9RP produces the biweekly ham radio podcast. ©1985-2022, RAIN, all rights reserved. RAIN programming is made available under a Creative Commons license—you are encouraged to download, share, post and transmit this RAIN Hamcast EXTRA in its entirety via Amateur Radio. Your monetized support and feedback are welcome on therainreport.com. thank you to Tom Shimizu/N9JDI for his YouTube assistance. RAIN hamcast #61 posted 02-19-22. Very 73 from the Radio Amateur Information Network. KEEP ON HAMMING!

Today all production costs are out of pocket including the Internet costs, and the website you are reading this on. No one connected with RAIN, the Radio Amateur Information Network, receives compensation from or for his/her efforts, and that includes Hap Holly/KC9RP, who was Founder/Producer of the RAIN Report from 1990-2019; and the RAIN Hamcast Podcast since 2019. hap recorded the Dayton Hamvention forums annually with help from long-time friend and the man behind the 160 Meter Gateway Radio Newsletter, Vern Jackson/WA0RCR. The RAIN Report archive consists of many excerpts from those Hamvention forum recordings. And the Classic RAIN Ham Cast features previously unreleased ham programming by Hap, who spends some 5 hours producing the biweekly Classic RAIN Ham Cast. Now in the spirit of full disclosure: For a few of the last years of the RAIN Report DARA (the Dayton Amateur Radio Assoc.) And NSRC (the North Shore Radio Club (Highland Park, IL) helped subsidize RAIN. There is no such funding today. Having said that, the Radio Amateur Information Network is not a tax deductible or tax exempt organization. Hope you can help.

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