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This is ClassicRAIN#13 for January 17, 2020. Relations between the U.S. Amateur Service and the Federal Communications Commission soured considerably in the late 1980s in the wake of the Commission's reallocation of the bottom two mHz of the 220-225 MHz Amateur band. Many felt the FCC was literally auctioning spectrum off to the highest bidder. And in fact, according to Ben Kobb/KC5CW, Founder and Publisher of the Federal Communications Tech News in Washington D.C., it would have liked to have done just that. RAIN Founder, Hap Holly/KC9RP spoke with Ben about his concerns in 1989. Unfortunately the late 80's reallocation of 220-222 MHz from the 220 Amateur band was never reinstated in the U.S. Amateur Service. ClassicRAIN#14 will be posted January 31st. ClassicRAIN is copyright 1988-2020 RAIN, all rights reserved. KEEP ON HAMMING! ON HAMMING!