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This is Classic RAIN #16, hosted by Will Rogers/K5WLR. Due to some glitches with a new install of Windows 10, we missed the February 29, Leap Year Classic RAIN and those for March as well. We apologize for the missing ham casts. For the newcomers among you the mid to late 1980s were a turbulent time for ham radio, especially for 220 MHz enthusiasts. In the late 80s RAIN's Founder, Hap Holly/KC9RP, helped facilitate a National Teleconference Radio Net to promote the value of the 220 MHz ham band that the FCC had partially reallocated to the United Postal Service in the late 1980s. The 220 amateur band was shrunken from 220-225 MHz down to 222-225. During the 'warmup' to the nationwide "Save 220" ham cast, one veteran of the ham radio press expressed his perspective about the rocky road the 220 band had been down. He was the late outspoken Wayne Greene/W2NSD, who founded 73 magazine in 1960, and was publisher of it in the 80s. [1988 6M] I must remind you that Wayne's observations were voiced in the introduction to a "Save 220" National Teleconference Radio Net in 1988. ; it was introduced by RAIN Founder Hap Holly/KC9RP to promote interest in the 220 band in the late 80s, several years before the RAIN Report came to fruition. Editorial Note: "While activity on the 220 Amateur band has grown significantly over the last 30 years in major U.S. markets. i.e. Chicago, New York, SO. Cal. and the like, just spend time outside these populous areas, and you'll see how sparse 220 activity still is away from your major cities." The CLASSICRAIN episodes are updated biweekly on; and may be transmitted on Amateur Radio. Once these episodes are posted to the Classic RAIN archive on They'll remain on the opening screen until the next upload, ClassicRAIN17) scheduled to be posted April 17. KEEP ON HAMMING!