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This is ClassicRAIN#15 for February 15, 2020. The views expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of anyone connected with the Radio Amateur Information Network. It has been said that ham radio is a microcosm of society. and as such reflects the diversity of opinion and lifestyles of that society. One such fringe group is the gay/lesbian community. Thirty years ago Bob Laycock/KA8UHL was Secretary of LARC, the Lambda Amateur Radio Club, an international gay/lesbian radio club. RAIN's Hap Holly/KC9RP spoke with Bob in 1989. [1989 17M] This was one of the most controversial interview Hap conducted in the 30-plus years he produced hamradio programming. This concludes ClassicRAIN#15. ClassicRAIN is copyright 1988-2019 RAIN, all rights reserved. #16 will post February 29. KEEP ON HAMMING!