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This is ClassicRAIN ham cast #24, posted July 25, 2020. In this Classic RAIN Ham cast we'll bring you three audio items all from 1988. The first is a short 1988 interview with Jim O'Connell/W9WU. OConnell is a Chicago trial attorney, who, over the years, has represented many midwest hams in antenna litigation; a conversation between W9WU and Hap Holly/KC9RP. The second piece of this trilogy is a guest commentary written and voiced by former RAIN script reader, Angelo Polvere/KA9CSO about the inordinate amount of time it took over 30 years ago for the FCC to process Amateur Radio license applications. That was truly problematic for what were then Novice class hams. The third piece will take you back to a 1988 W5YI Report news item about Radio Shack stores getting into the ham radio equipment business; introduced by former RAIN script reader Scott Childers/W9CHI, but read by his wife (at the time) Nina Molina/KA9WJZ. Don't miss the QSO Today virtual Ham Expo, scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 8 and Sunday, Aug. 9. More than 13,000 attendees had registered for it at press time; and 70 forum speakers are scheduled to speak during the 2-day virtual expo. And Hap is scheduled to have a small booth there. Get more details on The Classic RAIN Ham Cast is copyright 1987-2020 RAIN, all rights reserved. Transmit this ham cast if you like, but please do so in its entirety. Classic RAIN Ham Cast 25 will post August 8, 2020. KEEP ON HAMMING!