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This is Classic RAIN #10 for Dec. 7, 2019. Imagine paying a $5.00 fee to license your cell phone, pager, ham transceiver or CB radio! And if you were caught not licensing these devices with your state, you'd possibly pay a fine or serve time in prisson. In 1989 it was no joke in Illinois, especially to state Senator William Shaw, 34th District. Shaw wanted to license CB radios, beepers and cellular phones in Illinois thirty years ago!. Why, you ask? Hap Holly/KC9RP spoke to Shaw for some answers. [1989 10:25] Fortunately his proposal went no where...nor did he. Classic RAIN is a production of RAIN, the Radio Amateur Information Network. Hap Holly/KC9RP will return with Episode 11 on December 21. Classic RAIN is copyright 1989-2019 RAIN, all rights are reserved. See you in two weeks. KEEP ON HAMMING!