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This is the very last RAIN Report Welcome, fellow hams and shortwave listeners to the very last RAIN Report. I'm Will Rogers, K5WLR, reporting from Fayetteville, AR. Well, where to begin in placing the capstone on what was previously known as the RP Report and now known as the Radio Amateur Information Network? The RAIN Report, the Audio Ham Radio Feature Magazine of the Internet, has run from 1990 until 2019 under the command and control of its head cook and bottle washer, Hap Holly, KC9RP. First, a tip of the RAIN cap goes to all of you who allowed us to interview you and/or use sources of information from you in the preparation of programs for the RAIN Reports. Among those that Hap interviewed were Rich Moseson, W2VU of CQ Magazine, Wayne Green, W2NSD (SK), of 73 Magazine fame, Carol Perry, WB2MGP, an accomplished middle school teacher and Dayton Hamvention Ham of the Year, and Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH formerly of the FCC. Another would be Gordon West, W5YI, who provided a number of forum segments from the Hamvention over the years. Others included Joe Mel K0OV, Shirley Roberts N8LX, a blind ham friend from the Hamvention, and many, many others. To each and every one of you, thank you ever so much! Also, I certainly want to include all of you, our faithful listeners, for without you, there would not have been any reason for the RP Reports and RAIN. Thank you for being there! Hap has had the able assistance of many fellow hams and voices over the years. Here are but a few samples of some of them. First, a group Hap sent me... [Insert RAIN Report Voices from Hap] And here are some I culled from the RAIN Report website. [Insert RAIN Report Voices from Website] These samples do not include all of those voices that were a part of the RP Reports and the RAIN Reports over the years. Unfortunately, the archive I had available to me began in 2004. Please forgive me if your name or voice has been lost in the mists of time. To all of you who contributed to this effort, a great big RAIN thank you! Hap was able to obtain some email kudos about RAIN. From Rob Orr, K9RST I am so sorry to hear that the RAIN Report is soon to be retired. You have done a wonderful job with this service over the years. It has become a consistent staple of our net's life. I certainly understand the burden of producing such programs can be, especially when you aren't making big bucks. Facing deadlines and weekly programming is draining. We will miss your perspectives, humor and personality. We understand your position and just wanted to say how grateful I am for your dedication to the ham radio community. Best, Bob And from Mark Klocksin, WA9IVH Hap, I just heard the news (via the RAIN REPORT!) that you're stopping production. Wow. The end of an era! Frankly, it's amazing that you were able to do this for so long! Anyone else would have burned out long ago. And I suspect it will turn out to be a relief for you...perhaps you're already at that stage. And I'm sure Stephanie supported this decision as well. 73, OM, and thanks for all you've done for our fabulous hobby! Mark Other kudos came in the form of audio files... [Insert Audio Files AA9KK, WA0RCR, KD2GUT] Lady and gentlemen, thank you for your kudos! Over the years, the RAIN Reports have woven a rich tapestry of what is the king of hobbies, amateur radio. But don't take my word for it, Just point your web browser to and select the archive section. Click on any of the many selections available there and begin your own exploration of the wonders of ham radio as presented by the RAIN Reports. So, let's get back to that capstone I mentioned earlier. The capstone would read as follows: On the first line: RP Reports On the second line: Radio Amateur Information Network On the third line; 1990-2019 I would like to concentrate on the third line. The first number is the year the RP Reports was started. The second number is the year the Radio Amateur Information Network ceased production. While those two numbers are important, the most important part of that third line is the dash. For within that dash is contained ALL of the work that was done in those 29 years the RP Reports and RAIN existed. And, if I may add, there was one heck of a lot done in those 29 years! So, to you, Hap, a hearty JOB WELL DONE! And, thank you for your friendship, Hap. Now, for the final time, on behalf of our founder and producer, Hap Holly, KC9RP, and from all of us, both past and present, who have been involved with the RP Reports and the Radio Amateur Information Network, I'm Will Rogers, K5WLR, wishing all of you, our loyal listeners, very 73. The RAIN Report is Copyright 1990-2019, RAIN, all rights reserved. And always, always remember to KEEP ON HAMMING!