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If you have ever served on the technical committee of an urban repeater that maintains links to multiple receive sites, you already know that keeping those links functioning properly can be a real character builder. Now imagine what challenges a handful of mountain-top machines linked together digitally pose. In the mid-1990s Frosty Oden/N6ENV, a CBS television technical director at the time, was trustee and builder of SEVEN such mountain top repeaters on 220 and 440 mHZ in Southern California. This week we concludes our two excerpts from a 1995 conversation RAIN's Hap Holly/KC9RP had with Frosty. [1995 P2 13M] According to, Frosty relocated not long ago to Litchfield Park Arizona. The RAIN Report is copyright 1990-2018 RAIN, all rights are reserved. This weekly podcast is available for transmission under a Creative Commons license on You can hear it Saturday evenings at 9:00 CST on WTWW shortwave from Lebanon, TN. on 5085 kHZ. KEEP ON HAMMING!