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So what microphone does Bob Heil detest the most? The microphone world was set on its collective 'ear' when Bob Heil/K9EID introduced Heil Sound microphones decades ago. Open up your mic attached to your modern day ham transceiver and chances are youíll find his handiwork in the audio section. His HC3 or HC4 mic element will likely be found in the microphone of said transceiver. In fact Bob has sold well over 100,000 of his "HC" microphone elements since 1982. But what is it about those desk mics and hand mics that drove him to distraction all those years ago? You'll learn in this the Nov. 10 RAIN Report, our 2nd of three excerpts from an hour-long conversation RAINís Hap Holly/KC9RP had with this audio pioneer. [2018 17M] One more round with Bob next time. parts 1 and 2 of our Skype call with Bob will be found on This hamcast updates Saturday morning on, and Saturday evenings around 9:00 CST on WTWW, Lebanon, TN on 5085 kHZ. KEEP ON HAMMING!