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While we won't be dealing with the luck of the Irish this week, we will travel once again to World War II Germany. A number of civilians known as the French Resistance kept tabs on the German military and High Command in WW2. They surreptitiously transmitted decoded data to the Allies at great personal risk. Tom Perera PH.D/W1TP, an authority on clandestine radio operations of World War II spoke at the 2015 Dayton Hamvention. {2015 P2 17M} You can read a great deal more about the so-called 'enigma cider the primary coding machine adopted in 1926 by all branches of the German military and Hi Command on Tom's Enigma museum web site; See the RAIN Sites Mentioned page for the url. The RAIN Report is heard anytime on; and readily heard Saturday evenings on shortwave via Lebanon, TN's WTWW on 5085 kHz. KEEP ON HAMMING!